José Luis Sanz

For more than three decades, I have been a witness and narrator of the evolution of technology and video games. My career has been a journey through the history of gadgets, where each item is a reflection of constant innovation. In every analysis, review or report, I seek to not only inform, but also inspire and educate a global audience about the wonders of modern technology. The passion for my work is renewed with each release, each advance, always keeping me at the forefront of the digital world. Micro Hobby, Hobby Consolas, Super Juegos, Mega Sega, Última, ERBE, Juegos & Cía., Computer Hoy Juegos,, ADSL Zone, Movilzona, Movistar Riders, Movistar+, SmartLife (Cinco Días), TecnoXplora (La Sexta) and also El Output.