Editorial team

El Output It was created with the aim of keeping you informed about all the most trending technological news. The 2.0 world is in continuous evolution and today includes more than just gadgets, so here you will find not only the most interesting devices of the moment, but also tutorials, opinions, selections, apps and tricks on very diverse equipment, streaming platforms , video games and social networks.

Currently, El Output is made up of Alexandra Guerrero (Drita) Y Carlos Martínez, co-founders of the project and with extensive experience within the technological journalist.


  • Drita

    Interested in gadgets and technology since she was given a pocket TV at the age of 9. Drita She was debating between her thesis and the competitive examinations for a resident internal psychologist, when the world of technological journalism, to which she had always been a fan, knocked on her door and changed all her plans. The rest of the story… you can already imagine it. For ten years she was part of an important technological medium with headquarters in the United States, an experience that has helped her harden herself in battle, not only in the Spanish sector but also internationally, knowing all the ins and outs of it and how this great industry works. .


  • Carlos Martínez

    From SF, CA, but where the fish and the reeds. Since he can remember, his life has been linked to gadgets. As a child, he dedicated himself to gutting any type of device with the sole mission of investigating inside and carefully looking at all its components. Later he learned to put everything in his place, and when he had to decide what to do in his life, he learned to fix them. But his path took a detour, and now he is in charge of talking about all those devices that surround him in his day to day. He continues to have fun with them, but in a different way.

Former editors

  • Pedro Santamaria

    With a decade of experience creating digital content, I specialize in writing and producing videos for ElOutput. My passion for technology and gadgets is reflected in every article and video I create, offering readers and viewers in-depth analysis, up-to-date news and entertaining reviews. My ability to communicate complex topics in a simple way has made me a trusted voice in the technology community. Always looking to innovate, I am dedicated to exploring the latest trends to keep my audience informed and engaged.

  • Daniel Marin

    Harvest of '93. I like to chatter and they say I talk up a storm. I am a gadget enthusiast, always with the latest technological innovation in my hands, taking it apart to see how it works. My communication skills have led me to share my knowledge and opinions, first as an avid reader of technology blogs and now as a writer, where I have the pleasure of calling colleagues those whose words I once enthusiastically devoured. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and transmit that passion for technology that defines my generation.

  • Jose Luis Sanz

    For more than three decades, I have been a witness and narrator of the evolution of technology and video games. My career has been a journey through the history of gadgets, where each item is a reflection of constant innovation. In every analysis, review or report, I seek to not only inform, but also inspire and educate a global audience about the wonders of modern technology. The passion for my work is renewed with each release, each advance, always keeping me at the forefront of the digital world. Micro Hobby, Hobby Consolas, Super Juegos, Mega Sega, Última, ERBE, Juegos & Cía., Computer Hoy Juegos, Hobbyconsolas.com, ADSL Zone, Movilzona, Movistar Riders, Movistar+, SmartLife (Cinco Días), TecnoXplora (La Sexta) and also El Output.