The Walking Dead, the post-apocalyptic series that popularized zombies

The Walking Dead

If we have to name one of those serial phenomena that have had the most impact on popular culture in the last 15 years, We must always keep in mind the name of The Walking Dead. No other fiction has managed to make zombies the main threat to humanity at a time when it seems that any biblical plague can fall on our heads.

Rick and Michonne from the Walking Dead.

The story, summarized

Pretty much everyone knows what's going on The Walking Dead. It is the story of a world that is shaken by the irruption of walkers who crawl in search of the fresh meat of living humans. It is not that they are going to eat them, but they do feel the need to attack them due to the very nature of beasts that behave in this way. because of a pathogen that mutates all the cells in his body.

These creatures are attracted by noise (and there are many shots in the series) as well as the smell that humans give off, which they attack practically by system. Also, for added drama, all the men and women of this universe of The Walking Dead carry the pathogen responsible for the mutation, which only activates under certain circumstances, causing all survivors to live with the sword of Damocles over their heads permanently. In any case, the series not only focuses on that fight against the zombies, but also on the low instincts that the situation arouses among the humans themselves, who, on occasion, will enter into useless power disputes that only make things easier for them. still those walkers.

can not be ignored the importance in the plots of those communities that appear along the way of the protagonists and that evil that nests in many crazy people who want to take advantage of the situation to obtain power and wealth in a world that, curiously, is already devastated. That will be the axis of practically all the seasons of The Walking Dead.

The origin of The Walking Dead

As in many other products of our time, The origin of The Walking Dead you have to go look for it on the pages of a comic which was released in October 2003 and achieved almost instant success among readers avid for a story that mixed the world's zombie apocalypse with the survival instincts of humanity in chaos. Even so, despite the fame that Robert Kirkman's work quickly acquired, it was not until 2010 that AMC decided to turn it into a television series.

Comic The Walking Dead.

As in the first season of television fiction, the comic focuses on the character of Rick Grimes and in the shooting that causes a wound that leaves him in a coma, bedridden. It is upon awakening that he will discover that the world is plagued by the attacks of some walkers who attack all the humans they come across. In Kirkman's cartoons, the deputy sheriff begins the search for his family, who he will find along with other survivors who want to escape Atlanta.

The last of the comics was published on July 3, 2019 and until today no more deliveries have appeared.

Where can we see The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead on Disney+.

Produced by AMC, which is a company linked to Fox, all the episodes and the 11 seasons are available on Disney+, so if you want to binge on zombies throughout 177 episodes... you can access right now and from here.

The protagonists

Although there are many characters that appear on screen at some time throughout the 11 seasons of the series, without a doubt there are only a few who have the privilege of doing so during most of them or, at least, in a significant way, which makes his passage a decisive element in the narrative of The Walking Dead. And they are these.

Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes.

Protagonist of the series throughout the first nine seasons, is the origin of all history, the leader of the group of survivors who leaves Atlanta and in both the tenth and eleventh will appear in the form of flashbacks. Without it it is impossible to conceive The Walking Dead.

Glen Ree

Glen Ree.

Maggie's boyfriend, who will later marry, was present in the first seven seasons of the series and is a faithful ally of Rick. The son of Korean immigrant parents, he grew up in Michigan and in both seasons 10 and 11 he returns to the series to star in some more than interesting flashbacks.

Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes.

Carl's son, we will see him grow and take on more and more responsibility. He will appear in the first eight seasons of the series to return in the tenth and eleventh in flashbacks that recover moments that we do not know from fiction. An important support of the protagonist.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon.

Present in the series in all seasons, gained special relevance from the second, when he already becomes part of the leading group. He is stubborn, rude and not very sociable with the rest of the members of the community but his tracking ability and the little fear that he shows to kill the walkers when they cross his path save him.

Maggie Greene

Maggie Greene.

Unlike the comics, the Maggie of the series begins her adventure in Rick's group discreetly, although soon she will begin to fight and be one of the most active in the defense of all those who accompany her. Glen will marry her and they will have a small family in the midst of chaos. Since the second season she is a fixture of The Walking Dead.



Although in the comics she is a lawyer with three children and strong convictions, in the series the character became a little wilder to support the dramatic load that he would have to prove because of some incidents that he had throughout his life. She will have a romance with the protagonist and will be one of the fiercest defenders of the group of survivors in their fight, especially against other groups of humans who believe they can decide on the life and death of others. Since the second season she is present in the series.

Carol Peletier

Carol Peltier.

Another of the cases of a character who has endured during the eleven seasons of the series, this woman will join the survivors of Rick and over time he will learn combat skills to help the group. Although she is very close to Lori Grimes (Rick's wife), she will end up being especially close to Daryl. Indeed, there was a project of spinoff of both underway that will finally be left alone in a fiction that narrates the adventures of the character played by Norman Reedus.

negan smith

They deny.

Appears in the series since the sixth season when Rick crosses paths with The Saviors and these force him to have to share everything they have with them. Negan is the ringleader, despotic, savage and cruel, who does not hesitate to take by force everything he believes to be his at the blow of Lucille (his famous bat).

All seasons of the series

The Walking Dead confirmed that after the eleventh season there will be no more adventures of its main characters, so we will only have the spinoff as the only way to continue enjoying that universe. So we tell you next, roughly And without revealing too much, what events each of the batches of episodes that have been released over the last 12 years narrates.

Here you have the schematic list of seasons, release dates and serial episodes:

SeasonEpisodesFirst broadcastLast broadcast
1631th October 2010December 5th 2010
21316th October 2011March 18th 2012
31614th October 2012March 31th 2013
41613th October 2013March 30th 2014
51612th October 2014March 29th 2015
61611th October 2015April 3th 2016
71623th October 2016April 2th 2017
81622th October 2017April 15th 2018
9167th October 2018March 31th 2019
10226th October 2019April 4th 2021
1124August 22st, 2021November 21th 2022


Rick is the deputy sheriff and, as we have already told you, he wakes up from a coma to find himself thrown into a world infested with walkers. In his attempt to flee, he will meet a group of survivors moving towards the Center for Disease Control (CDC). There, they will discover that there is no remedy to combat this pandemic.


The group led by Rick leaves Atlanta and finds shelter on a farm while they search for the owners' daughter: Sohpia. Things will get complicated when they discover that the missing woman, the daughter of Carol Peletier, has been sheltering some friends and relatives already transformed into zombies. Along the way we will see that the loving ties between them come, in some cases, from afar, which can cause the group of survivors to become destabilized.


This season takes place eight months after the events of the second, with the group leaving the farm to end up in a penal facility that transforms into their new home as they discover an enclave of survivors led by a man they know as the Governor. You can imagine that from here, a period of confrontations will begin that will have the zombies (almost) as mere spectators.


The zombie pandemic is now joined a particularly strong flu that kills many of the prison survivors. The Governor continues to stalk Rick's group, who will have to break up to escape and keep their skins safe, although because of that diaspora they will be able to find a place that does seem as safe as they want: Terminus.


The season 4 finale ends with Rick's group in the hands of some kind of really weird tribe. Now we find out that they are cannibals, so those who had not yet arrived there decide to start an attack to finish off the captors. As is usual in The Walking Dead, things do not end too well and the result of that release is almost worse: many of the residents do not seem to be rowing in the same direction, so extraordinary measures have to be taken. And Rick's pulse is not going to shake.


Alexandria takes shape and Rick's group becomes the main guarantor of his safety. Now, the danger is called The Wolves and they have a particularly terrifying modus operandi: they send out hordes of walkers to attack their targets and the result is some serious deaths. Also, we will learn about the existence of another enclave, Hilltop, with which they will begin a supply exchange relationship that will be closed with a deal: to help them eliminate Los Salvadores, led by a certain Negan.


Rick's group will quickly learn who Negan is and what he is capable of, even step over anyone who gets in the way and rule Alexandria with a fist (and bat) of iron. Some of the survivors will seek help and along the way find the Kingdom community while continuing the power plays by old groups like the Saviors and Scavengers. The war is served.


Rick manages to unite his group of survivors with other communities to go to war against negan and the saviors but the slaughter does not prevent countless casualties, some of them especially important. Of course, the fate of Negan will mark peace within the group of survivors.


It's been a year and a half since Negan was defeated and Rick wants to restore peace to the group he continues to protect but a catastrophic event occurs. Time passes, even years, and we learn that Rick has disappeared and that now the concern has another name: the Whisperers, who are able to control walkers and that they only put one condition in order not to launch them against the group: not to step on their land. Obviously, an event will unleash an increasingly bloody spiral of violence.


The Whisperers decide to attack other communities with walkers hiding that they are the instigators, although soon Carol, helped by Negan, will put a remedy by murdering their ringleader. Still, the survivors will search new paths to the east and north as Michonne continues to search for Rick, whom she is certain is still alive.


And we get to the final season, the one that closes forever The Walking Dead where the group, now led by Daryl and Maggie, continues to search for supplies and a safe place to live while new threats appear, such as the Reapers. We do not reveal more to you in case you are watching it or have it yet to start, but we only hope that at the end of the whole most of the pending plots and answers will have an answer. No?

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