The best dryer in the world already has a rival and is its successor: the Dyson Supersonic Nural

A hand holding the new Dyson Supersonic Nural dryer

Even if you are not in the beauty sector, it is very likely that you know the famous «Dyson dryer«. This model, called Supersonic, is characterized by a quite special design and, above all, by performance that, for many, is worth every penny it costs. Now, yes, he has a rival. And it is none other than his own successor, the Supersonic Nural, which combines the best of the proposal that we already knew with intelligent technology.

Dyson Supersonic Neural, improving what is present

It's hard to fault the Dyson Supersonic. As a user of your dryer for years, I am one of those who believes that it is 100% worth your investment - which is not exactly small - due to its quality and how effective it is. Knowing that there is now an improved version of it is therefore (very) good news.

Presented by the British firm in Seoul, Supersonic Nural arrives to offer a plus in its technical specifications. As? Well, with the incorporation of technology intelligent with its function Scalp Protect. Through ToF sensors -yes, like the ones that many smartphones have in their cameras to shoot in Portrait mode- the dryer will know at all times how close it is to the head, thus adjusting the air flow and heat that it delivers. emits during drying to avoid maximum possible damage to the hair. The idea is that you always apply a temperature of 55 degrees, so the dryer will readjust its operation at all times to maintain it.

The Dyson Supersonic Nural dryer from behind

It is not the only novelty. According to him accessory/nozzle Whatever you put on it and the type of adjustments you make, the Supersonic Nural will memorize it, so that whenever you use it again, it reconfigures the heat and flow according to the preferences you chose.

Two new features that undoubtedly add to an already very efficient dryer, capable of removing faster than others and removing a lot frizz during the process. Its design, however, remains unchanged, the only thing different being the rear area, now with a cover transparent that reveals all its internal "machinery".

Availability and price of the new Dyson dryer

The new Supersonic Nural will be available in two new color combinations: purple and orange (called Vinca Blue and Topaz), and in turquoise and orange (named Ceramic Patina and Topaz).

The new Dyson Supersonic Nural dryer with its 5 accessories

As for the price, it won't be cheap, but that's something you probably already expected being Dyson and knowing the advances it has incorporated: 499 Euros.

It will be on sale this summer, coming accompanied by 5 accessories - which can also be purchased separately and which includes a new diffuser for curly and wavy hair.

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