Xiaomi's new air fryers grow in capacity

Xiaomi air fryers

The air fryers have become objects of desire in many kitchens, and especially those of Xiaomi They are highly demanded models. The brand knows that it has a successful product, so it has not hesitated to continue increasing its family of fryers with new models. On this occasion, the new versions seek to offer greater capacities so that all types of families can enjoy the most effective hot air cooking.

New Xiaomi air fryers

Xiaomi air fryers

Xiaomi has included two new models of air fryers on its official website, thus expanding the offer of this type of devices. It's about two 4,4L and 5,5L models, larger capacities than the 3,5 liter and 4 liter models that we could currently find in the catalog (remember that there is also a 6,5 liter one).

Beyond the new capacities, there are no major apparent changes, since at the end of the day air fryers are quite simple devices that have a resistance and a fan with which to force the penetration of hot air.

Xiaomi air fryers

As always, they will be compatible with Mi Home app via WiFi, and from which you can program cooking, control the device with a voice assistant or access a wide catalog of recipes. The control dial will continue to be the unmistakable rotary dial with display, from which you can select the cooking temperature, which will be around from 40 degrees to 220 degrees (200 degrees for the 4,5 liter model).

El 5,5 liter model will be the one that incorporates a small window from which you can see the inside of the container to check how the products are baking without having to remove the tray. Everything indicates that this new 5,5 liter model will replace the current 4,5 liter (which also has a window), while the other new 4,5 liter will replace the current 3,5 liter.

Price and release date

Xiaomi air fryers

At the moment the brand has published them on its global website, and for now we do not know when they will reach the international market. We assume that they will arrive in Spain given their popularity, however, we will have to wait until the brand makes a statement on the matter, since we might have to wait a few months until they are available.

There are also no details of the price, since it is not indicated anywhere, although we imagine that they will continue to be around 100 euros as is normal in the entire generation of Xiaomi smart fryers.

Source: Xiaomi

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