Roborock goes one step further with its new robot vacuum cleaners now on sale in Spain

The Asian giant Roborock has two new additions to tempt the Spanish market. It's about the model S8 MaxV Ultra and the Qrevo Pro -cover image-, two very different proposals (although with certain interesting points in common) for different needs. We explain to you clearly and directly what you need to know about each of them, their differences and what prices they have on the market.

S8 MaxV Ultra, a new generation 

It's been a while since we tried the Roborock S7 Max V Ultra and since then, I have always maintained that it is my favorite robot vacuum cleaner. And the equipment has it all: a powerful cleaning robot and a very complete base for self-emptying, filling and emptying water and automatic mop cleaning.

Knowing that there is now a new generation is, therefore, very good news, especially knowing all its improvements. This is because the S8 MaxV Ultra adds new features to a model that was already quite complete, betting to start with practically double the suction power, a improved scrubbing system (where there is a greater reach of the edges) and the nnew side brush FlexiArm perfect for reaching corners.

The automatic cleaning of the mop has also changed, now being done with Hot water (so in terms of eliminating bacteria it is more effective) and with subsequent automatic drying, and it even comes with an automatic soap dispenser, thus better managing the perfect dose for each task.

Now the S8 also comes with a new main brush, capable of raising up to 20 mm (until now only the mop did), and has support for an integrated voice assistant, although it is a proprietary one from the firm. Its DirTect technology continues to recognize the types of dirt it encounters, changing cleaning settings as needed.

To finish bragging, it turns out that this new robotic vacuum cleaner is the first in the world to receive Matter certification, which guarantees greater compatibility with different technologies and ecosystem for a more flexible platform integration.

Obviously so much technology has a price and, like the S7, this new generation is not cheap either: the Roborock model has a price of 1.499 euros, although during the next two weeks it can be purchased at a discount for 1.399 Euros. You already have it, for example, available on Amazon in both white and black.

Qrevo Pro, focused on thorough cleaning

With a somewhat more discreet power than the S8 MaxV Ultra and some changes in its features, we also have the arrival of the Qrevo Pro. This also comes with a base (somewhat narrower and without a soap dispenser, for example), but it also acts as a vacuum cleaner and as a mop for scrubbing, offering automatic mop cleaning, emptying of dirt and refilling with clean water.

It also includes double rotating mops (which the S8 does not have) and does not have a voice assistant or automatic lifting of the brush (it does have the mop). Let's say it's a more version and, too of the S8 MaxV Ultra and this is reflected in its price. And the Qrevo Pro has a tag of 999 euros, which will also be seen equally reduced during its first two weeks of launch at a cost of 799 Euros. You also have it now on Amazon in both white and black.

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