Xiaomi's new smart rice cooker is now in Spain for 39,99 euros

Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker 2024

One of the Xiaomi products that you most love when you try it is the multifunctional rice cooker. This great product becomes an indispensable tool in many kitchens, since you can cook easy and very practical recipes with it. Although of course, the star as always is the rice.

More control and more capacity in your kitchen

Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker 2024

This new version of the Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker comes with a 3 liter tank with which to make rice for an entire family. According to the manufacturer's specifications, with cooking you could achieve up to 10 bowls of rice with an approximate capacity of 190-250 grams.

Noteworthy is the incorporation of new front panel with controls and display to select the cooking time or mode, as well as the start and cancel task buttons. Accessories such as the steamer will also allow you to steam cook, so there are many options.

The included timer allows you to program cooking with a delay of up to 24 hours, and once finished, the machine is capable of maintaining heat for up to a total of 12 hours. This allows you to leave the ingredients prepared and the cooking to begin just before you get home, so you can find the food freshly made.

And with WiFi for control from your mobile

Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker 2024

As expected, every smart home automation device must have a WiFi connection, and this rice cooker was no different. Once the connection is established, we can control the cooking mode from the Xiaomi Mi Home application, and we will know how much time is left until it ends. This is a function that remains in the background with the incorporation of the front button panel, but it does not hurt to have to be able to know at all times what state the rice cooker is in regardless of whether we are in the kitchen or not.

The device has some 325 x 244 x 202 mm dimensions, so you already know the space you will need in your kitchen if you want to get one. This device is known for making recipes like juicy Pulled Pork and you could even make a sponge cake thanks to the precise temperature control and non-stick surface of the included bowl.

How much does it cost?

Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker 2024

But the best thing without a doubt about the Xiaomi rice cooker is its price. The new model has landed in the official store with a spectacular price of 39,99 Euros, an amount that, in addition to being extremely economical, pays for itself quickly thanks to its versatility and comfort.

Source: Xiaomi

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