Turn used oil into soap with this peculiar Nespresso

Yenxa convert oil into soap

Now that the oil is at prohibitive levels, there are many users who squeeze the most out of each bottle of the so-called liquid gold. But what if you could give it a second useful life beyond food? This is the idea of ​​Yenxa, a device designed to convert used oil into soap that can be used in the washing machine.

How to turn oil into soap

The idea of ​​turning oil into soap is not new. It is a process well known to lovers of crafts and recycling that helps reuse such a polluting element as used oil. To get soap, we only need used oil, water, caustic soda and essential oils, but minimum safety measures are required to avoid the corrosion problems caused by soda.

For this reason, the solution proposed Yenxa It is quite interesting, since it minimizes the manipulation of the ingredients so that we do not have to touch too much. We will simply have to pour the ingredients into a jug to control the exact amounts of water and oil, and then pour everything into the main jug where the process will take place. The process performance is capable of convert 1 liter of oil into 5 liters of soap.

Each session will last approximately 80 minutes, during which time we will obtain the final soap to be able to use it in the washing machine as a detergent. According to its creators, they will soon launch new capsules to convert soap for domestic and cosmetic use.

How much does it cost?

The device is priced at 224 Euros, although we must add the packs of water-soluble capsules that contain soda and essential oils, which have a price of 29,85 Euros for 15 creations with oil. Taking into account that each process returns about 500 milliliters of soap, the accounts may not be as profitable if we compare them with any cheap Marseille soap, but the ecological component involved in the manufacture of this homemade soap is something quite important that we should take into account. consider.

Source: Yenxa

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