The Galaxy S23 Ultra will be able to take 2x portrait photos with a future update

The Samsung Galaxy S23 in white

Maybe the Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras They have you completely convinced, but there is still room for improvement in this very complete camera system. That is what the manufacturer is demonstrating with its latest adjustments, since the manufacturer is going to release a new update that allows shooting photos in portrait mode in a focal length that was not available until now.

Portrait photos with the ideal perspective

The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23

As of today, the Galaxy S23 allows you to take photos in portrait mode with the 1x lens and the 3x lens. This implies that the resulting photographs have too wide a focal length (1x) or that, on the contrary, it forces the optical zoom too much (3x zoom) and forces us to separate ourselves too much from the person to be photographed.

There is no middle ground that allows us to shoot comfortably, but that is just what will change with the new update of the device. That is exactly what a moderator has confirmed in the Samsung Korea support forums, where through a response to one of the users, he has confirmed that the next software update will include the possibility of shoot at 2x in portrait mode.

Focal issue

Those who control a bit of photography will know that the correct choice of a focal length is crucial to obtain beautiful and very striking portraits. As we increase the focal length, we can better blur the background and obtain more natural proportions of the face without risking too much distortion due to the fisheye effect of more angular focal lengths.

In the case of Galaxy S2 Ultra 23x mode, we get a approximate focal length of 50 mm, which is excellent for this type of task. The 3 magnifications also get very good results, but they are much more uncomfortable in confined spaces and in intimate moments, which is why many users require using the 2 magnification mode to avoid having to go too far to shoot.

When will the update be available?

At the moment it seems that the changes will take a while to arrive, but at least we do know that they will be included in the next system update. Some users too They have asked if this novelty will reach the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the moderator has simply commented that they have not reviewed said case, ensuring that he will inform if it can be carried out once they finish with the work of S23.

Source: Samsung Korea
Via: Android Police

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