Surprise: The Pixel 9 has already been completely leaked

Pixel 9 models

Once more the next google phone has been fully leaked several months before it is officially announced. This is already a painful tradition that is not lost for a year, and it is quite striking how a leak can show so many details of a terminal that will not be announced for at least five months.

This is the Pixel 9

Pixel 9 Pro XL vs iPhone 15 Pro Max

Hand in hand Rozetked We receive several images with which we can see what the future Google phone will look like. The new device, as we already knew, frames the cameras in a horizontal bar that has directly become a protuberance, unlike the extension that spans from side to side in the current Pixel 8.

The models will be Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL, the second being in charge of mounting a powerful zoom camera in a smaller size. Finally, the model most desired by many, which allows you to enjoy all the technical potential in the most compact format of the range.

The Pixel 9 Pro XL, for its part, appears compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the image shows higher dimensions in height compared to the Apple model. This tells us that the Pro XL model will be quite large, something that will more than reinforce its XL tagline.

A blow before Google I/O

The leak has appeared again hours before the start of Google I/O, and that is not good news for Google. Normally, the phone would not appear at the conference, since its timing would be more in September or October, but we do not know if these events will modify the agenda.

Perhaps they will dare with a teaser, or as we saw on previous occasions, with a website sharing all the details after everything had been completely leaked (as already happened with the Pixel 8). Things from the world of leaks.

Is it a good time to buy a Pixel 8?

Pixel 8 Samsung sensor

Now that we know what the new models will look like, without knowing the most important thing (the specifications), for the moment we can already get an idea of ​​what we will find in the month of October. With the appearance of the Pixel 9 Pro, it is very possible that many Pixel 8 owners are thinking about making the jump to this new format, so the second-hand market could leave us with more than one Pixel 8 at a very good price.

Not to mention the immediate drop that the current model will suffer when the new version goes on sale. There are still many months ahead, and buying a Pixel 8 now with the promotions they offer (especially with the Pixel 8a) would be a great option, but don't put your hands on your head when once the summer is over you see them on the floor .

Source: Rozetked
Vía: The Verge

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