How to download RetroArch for free on iPhone and iPad

gamecube emulator ios

The best emulator manager has finally arrived on iOS. We talk about RetroArch, the frontend best known to ROM lovers that has finally made its way into the App Store after Apple's latest change in guidelines that allowed emulator applications to be offered in the App Store. The application is completely Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days, and you can download it right now.

Download RetroArch for iOS

gamecube emulator ios

The best news has arrived. After several years in Andorid and being the best-known emulator manager, RetroArch has landed on iOS to be able to offer cataloging and organization of emulators and roms in the simplest way possible. And this manager is responsible for downloading the necessary files depending on which platforms you want to emulate with the help of the so-called "cores", which are nothing more than different emulators that are installed as a plug-in.

For download RetroArch on iPhone and iPad you only have to go to the App Store and search for it directly, since it has been sneaked into the official Apple store, and not in third-party stores as you might think.

Emuladores available

The list of emulators available in RetroArch is gigantic, and you will practically be able to play everything since it covers systems from Atari to PlayStation 2, going through an incredible number of very unknown and peculiar systems, surpassing more than 50 different ones. Its ease of use makes the application a favorite of many gamers, since you will only have to add the rom and the program will take care of the rest (unless you need certain BIOSes to boot).

But what also makes the application even more complete are its numerous extra functions, such as multiplayer play, the achievement manager, the application of patches with modifications or compatibility with all types of controls.

Of course, although the application is fully functional, the iOS version does not include all the Cores and some functions could be disabled, so do not expect the complete full set as you could find on Android.

Version for macOS soon in the Mac App Store

Although RetroArch for macOS has been around for a long time (it can be downloaded from the official website and installed on a Mac), the official version will also arrive as a downloadable application in the Mac App Store. It is one of the goals of the developers, who have confirmed that the application will also arrive in the Mac application store soon, although they have not specified a date.

Source: App Store

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