Adobe already has the AI ​​tool that fixes blurry videos

Adobe VideoGigaGAN

It is likely that your personal video library is full of blurry videos of dubious quality, but if you were hoping that some future tool would improve them, we must tell you that you are very close to achieving it. The utilities with artificial intelligence They have been advancing at breakneck speed and the results are increasingly hopeful, but if there was someone who had to show something it was Adobe, and that is where it comes into play. VideoGigaGAN.

How to improve blurry videos

Adobe VideoGigaGAN

The potential of VideoGigaGAN is that it is capable of take a simple 128 x 128 pixel video to a resolution of no less than 1.024 x 1.024 pixels, which means it multiplies the native resolution of the video by 8 without flinching. This is a work by Adobe Research in collaboration with the University of Maryland, and its peculiarity lies in the fact that this generation model by artificial intelligence is superior to that of other Super Resolution Video Tools, offering more details and without returning artifacts and deformations typical of the AI.

The examples shared show that we are indeed facing a spectacular improvement in a video that lacked detail and that the tool is capable of returning in great detail. The example of the eye is especially striking, since it is capable of offering details such as eyelashes, eyebrows or skin imperfections.

The results achieved by VideoGigaLAN avoid one of the main problems in image generators, which is that it is very common to encounter flickering and sudden movements in sections of the image. Thanks to smoothing techniques and high frequency functions, it is possible to obtain more coherent and, ultimately, sharper images.

Where can it be downloaded?

At the moment VIdeoGigaGAN It is still a project in development, and most likely when it becomes available it will be a dedicated product in some of Adobe's creative tools, so don't expect to get the tool in a free download.

Almost certainly, the feature will come to Creative Cloud through Premiere Pro, but at the moment everything is unknown, since it is nothing more than a project in the research phase. Be that as it may, advances towards super-resolution are increasingly more precise and return better results, so we are getting closer to giving life to the definitive remastering tool.

Source: VideoGigaGAN
Vía: The Verge

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