Apple's latest patent shows AirPods converted into iPod Nano

The idea may not take you by surprise. We have already seen how some models of True Wireless headphones of the market have included screen in the case storage, and it seems that the idea has caught on with Apple, since one of its latest patents shows precisely the same idea. At first glance it seems simple, but we'll see what functions they are capable of including.

Headphones with screen

AirPods with patent display

Image by 9to5mac

Apparently, the patent was registered in September 2022, and what has set off alarm bells is a recent update to it. In the sketches included in the documents, you can see a case similar to that of the AirPods that would have an LCD screen from which to control musical playback in a visual way.

The idea is that the user does not need to use their iPhone to perform some tasks, since this secondary screen would be capable of displaying messages, displaying weather widgets and even interacting with Siri. Let's say it would be an extension of the phone itself, but in a compact way.

Other similar models

jbl tour pro 2 screen.jpg

Not long ago, JBL launched the JBL Tour Pro 2, True Wireless headphones that have a screen in the storage case. This screen allows you to control the noise cancellation system and select the different cancellation modes, and can also accept or cancel calls, review notifications and other functions typical of a Bluetooth device with a screen.

Another well-known model is the Xiaomi A8 Pro ANC, headphones that are sold in China and that can be found through distributors such as AliExpress for less than 20 euros.

Something like carrying a Smartband in your pocket

AirPods with patent display

The possibilities of this screen are very similar to those that a Smartband can offer, since without the presence of heart rate sensors or anything similar, the screen would be dedicated only to displaying the information that arrives through Bluetooth connectivity.

When will we see the product on sale?

A patent application does not imply that a product reaches stores. At the moment it is nothing more than a place reserved for an idea to which Apple wants to put its name, but everything could remain an abandoned project that would not advance much further.

We'll see if this idea of ​​a reinvented iPod Nano finds its place, although it may be an idea that doesn't fit too well into the proposal that Apple maintains with its headphones. What do you think of the idea? Useful or unnecessary energy consumption?

Source: USPTO (pdf)
Vía: 9to5mac

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