Huawei has one of the best noise canceling headphones for less than 100 euros

Huawei FreeBuds 6i

Huawei is doing very well with its range of headphones, and with the idea of ​​continuing to complete the family it has just launched the new ones Free Buds 6i, a model True Wireless which is characterized by including a system of Noise Cancellation quality and price below 100 euros. Wasn't this what you were looking for?

Huawei FreeBuds 6i

Huawei FreeBuds 6i

The unit that we were able to test came in its unmistakable purple color with a slight chrome touch. They are very comfortable headphones to wear (not as comfortable as the FreeClip) but they feel light and comfortable to place. They surprise with their sound level, with bass that attracts attention. They don't quite reach the levels of over-ear headphones, but their sound is generally very clear and colorful.

magic cancellation

Huawei FreeBuds 6i

The technology behind the cancellation system developed by Huawei hides an algorithm that is capable of identifying outside noise and applying cancellation in up to 34 different contexts. This cancellation is carried out in real time, and makes use of the 3 built-in microphones to leave you almost silent.

The pads are very comfortable, and as always, they are interchangeable so you can use different sizes. An interesting detail is that they have a certain placement, since the grip area has an oval shape that must fit with the rubber of the pad. This means that its placement is not as simple as that of other models, although it is nothing out of this world. The best thing about this system is that the pad is always in place, and the internal holes allow the sound to be better directed to our eardrum.

A price that asks to buy

The best thing about the new FreeBuds 6i is that they have an official price of 99 Euros that, as if that were not enough, enjoys a 10% discount in the form of a launch promotioneither. This means that we can buy them for no less than 89 euros, an amount that is possibly insurmountable if we take into account the quality of the product.

With excellent finishes and manufacturing, up to 35 hours of use with the help of the extra battery in the case and with intelligent noise cancellation that works really well, these FreeBuds 6i have quickly become headphones that are easy to recommend for those who want good sound with noise cancellation and do not want to exceed the figure of 100 euros.

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