LG's new OLED monitor is 4K and Full HD at the same time

LG Dual Mode OLED 32GS95UE

LG has announced a new monitor for gamers that not only stands out for the incorporation of a high quality OLED panel, but also for its ability to transform, as it is the first monitor in the world to offer interchangeable refresh rate and resolution. This allows you to enjoy two different viewing modes, being able to give priority to resolution or refresh rate as appropriate.

The chameleon monitor

Unlike other conventional screens that allow you to change the resolution but not the refresh rate, the new Gaming OLED from LG offers users the ability to choose between a high refresh rate mode in format Full HD, or other high definition resolution 4K. The first reaches 480 Hz, while the second lowers other not inconsiderable 240 Hz.

Thus, depending on whether you are going to play games where speed prevails or if you are going to enjoy high-resolution multimedia content, the user will be able to choose between one mode or another to improve the user experience. This is possible thanks to a new LG technology called DFR (Dynamic Frequency & Resolution), and seeks to offer the user the possibility of finding the best performance depending on the use they are giving to the screen.

much more technology

But in addition to the dynamic refresh and resolution functions, this 31,5 inch panel It has quite striking technologies, such as the manufacturing technique Micro Lens Array, which maximizes light output for maximum image quality, or sound technology that projects audio through the screen without the need for a separate speaker.

This combination of technologies gives rise to an extremely complete equipment that could become one of the favorite models for demanding and professional players.

Price and release date

For the moment, LG has only presented this new monitor in Korea, and it is expected to continue increasing its range of monitors with more 27, 31, 34, 39 and 45-inch versions. For now there are no details of the sales price that this screen will have. 32GS95UE-B, but it should be around 1.200 euros at least taking into account the size and technologies it offers.

Normally, this panel is also distributed through other brands, so it is to be expected that the technology Dual-Mode OLED We also see it in manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI and the usual suspects, since LG distributes its panels to them for the creation of their own models.

Source: LG

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