Samsung's new color ePaper displays could change everything

Samsung ePaper color screen

After trying an e-book reader with a color screen, I am quite clear that it is a type of product that, although it has a lot to improve, can contribute a lot in the future. And that future may not be too far away, since Samsung has presented new screens with this technology that are frankly promising.

The most colorful e-ink screen

One of the main drawbacks of today's color electronic ink screens is that the color they offer may not be too intense. They fulfill their function perfectly, however, they are light years away from the color that a traditional LCD could offer. Well, the latest Samsung novelty presented at Infocomm 2024 in Las Vegas has revealed a 32-inch panel with electronic ink technology that doesn't look bad at all.

Among the models shown, the one that is presented as the largest electronic ink screen in the world obviously stands out, since, with its 32 inches, this panel offers a QHD resolution and with the possibility of offering up to 60.000 different colors. This is a spectacular leap over other options, which would allow for more vivid images and greater color depth.

Endless ads

With that size, its most obvious implementation is that of advertising billboards, where dynamic advertisements could be achieved without too much dependence on energy, since its low consumption could keep the screen on for a long time, and as happens with other screens of electronic ink, if there are no changes in the image on the screen, the consumption is directly 0 W.

Independent and without help

Another very interesting point is that the product proposed by Samsung is a completely autonomous screen, since it has removable battery 5.000 mAh rechargeable battery (also with the option to maintain constant power through a USB-C port), processor and 8 GB storage, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so it could connect to wireless networks and display content, either locally or remotely.

Kobo Libra Color

The advertising functions with this product could be endless, but if there is something that particularly interests us, it is the possibility of seeing smaller models of this same technology focused on reading devices. With an electronic ink screen with more than 60.000 colors, reading comics there must be a completely new experience.

Source: Samsung

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