Sonos wants to hit the table with its incredible Ace headphones

You may think that there is no room for one more headphone but it is also very likely that the idea will disappear from your head when you know the new Ace. The rumored headphones Sonos brand They are finally a reality and come to the market to demonstrate that they also know how to play in the league of stars when it comes to entering this demanding sector. Or, at least, that's what we can deduce on paper...

Sonos Ace, a new era

It was an open secret and now a reality. The Sonos Ace are already official and with this we can reveal all the details of this proposal that inaugurates a new category within the firm.

The Ace They stand out first of all for their design, with very careful and minimalist lines where curved lines stand out above all. We find ourselves like this over-ear with an attractive finish where the matte color is combined with metal details, resulting in a very timeless and attractive appearance. They claim to be very light on the head (weighing 312 grams) and comfortable to be worn for hours and their interior enjoys soft and padded memory foam, covered in vegan leather.

The Sonos Ace in white on a table

They're not just a pretty face, of course. At the level of benefits, the Dolby Atmos spatial audio, perfect for enjoying surround sound from all directions, and dynamic head tracking, which puts you in the center of the action at all times, even when you move.

It goes without saying that they have active noise cancellation -they use eight microphones to control noise, as well as to optimize the voice so that everything is heard as clearly as possible when used as hands-free- as well as the call Transparency or Aware mode, which will also allow you to find out what is happening around you, for example if you are walking down the street with them on or while you are working in the office.

The Sonos Ace in black on a book

Regarding your autonomy, they promise to last up to 30 hours in a row and, as expected, it also has support for ultra-fast charging, so that with just 3 minutes (yes, three) connected through its USB-C cable, you will get three hours of battery life. play without interruptions. Nothing bad.

Headphone price and availability

You don't have to be very smart to imagine that these Aces aren't exactly cheap. Sonos has set its sights directly on the high-end and it is more than clear that it intends to stand up to the Apple AirPods Max, Sony WH-1000XM4 and Bose QuietComfort Ultra.

Sonos Ace headphones case and cables

That said, its price is in line with this category, and it stands in the 499 Euros, being available from the next 5 June.

Here we will have the opportunity to try them soon, so if you are interested, don't go far: soon we will tell you many more details and secrets about these interesting headphones. Welcome, Ace.

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