Sonos Roam 2: the best portable speaker is updated. What are the differences with the first version?

Sonos Roam 2

Sonos has updated its portable speaker, the Roam, and has applied a series of changes that allow the small speaker to remain as compact and portable as always, with the novelty of offering a better interior design with which to achieve the best possible sound quality. If you were looking for a quality portable speaker that you can take anywhere, the best option has just fallen from the sky.

Small but tough

Sonos Roam 2

El Sonos Roam 2 It is a speaker that includes WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. On the one hand, WiFi will allow you to connect it to the home wireless network and introduce it to the Sonos network with which you can link the brand's speakers to make a multi-room system and use the smart speaker functions connected to the internet. And on the other hand, Bluetooth offers a quick and easy connection with which to bring music from your mobile phone directly to the speaker.

It thus becomes an extremely versatile speaker that improves everything with its size. Furthermore, it is water and dust resistant with its IP67 certification, so you can get it wet in the pool or on the beach without any problems.

Connected and controlled

Sonos Roam 2

Its connected functions continue to be among the most complete. With WiFi connectivity, you will be able to offer compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2, activate the integrated Alexa voice assistant, or have direct control of the volume and playback through applications such as Spotify. Like the Roam, this model includes a wireless charging system so you only have to place it on its charging base (sold separately) to start charging immediately.

Differences between Roam 2 and Roam

Basically, the main most important difference that exists between both models is that the new version includes a new interior design of the speakers that offers a better sound. have been included Separate buttons for power on and Bluetooth control, so that connection management is easier and more intuitive than before.

To differentiate at a glance between a Roam 2 and a Roam, you only have to take into account the single-color design of the new model, since the rubber and grille maintain the same tone, unlike the contrasting tone of the original Roam.

Official price

Sonos Roam 2

The Sonos Roam 2 is priced at 199 Euros, the same label that the Roam had (and has for now). We imagine that the first version will disappear from the catalog soon, and the brand will only be left with the new version and the lowest model in the range, the Roam SL.

Source: Sonos

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