Sony has presented the most powerful and easy-to-install home cinema system

Sony BRAVIA Theater Quad

If you still can't find a way to set up a quality audio system Without being forced to run cables all over the living room, Sony could have the solution you have been waiting for for years. And although sound bars today are capable of offering Dolby Atmos, the experience of having physical speakers placed around you is still better than any type of virtualization.

An almost portable cinema system

Sony BRAVIA Theater Quad

The new BRAVIA Theater Quad It is a sound system made up of four independent speakers that only need a plug to start working. These four speakers are responsible for automatically calibrating themselves, offering a 4.0.4 system with surround sound and 360 degrees with Dolby Atmos and IMAX Enhanced technology.

Their main attraction, beyond the technical, is that these speakers have a compact and very elegant design, which allows them to be placed in the living room without drawing too much attention, also becoming a decorative piece in the room. And all with Power 504W.

They can be mounted either standing or on the wall, and their installation only requires a small central station that is connected to an HDMI port with ARC on the TV (to capture audio) and connect each speaker to the corresponding socket. The switchboard has an HDMI input and another HDMI eARC/ARC output, as well as an output for a central speaker and an Ethernet port to have an internet connection, offer connection to streaming services and be able to configure the system from your mobile phone. .

Possibility of including a subwoofer

Sony BRAVIA Theater Quad

Although it is not included in the pack, most likely many will miss a boost in the bass, so in that case you can opt for install one of the wireless subwoofers which the manufacturer also offers to complete the experience.

The brand offers two compatible models, the SA-SW5 of 300W and the SA-SW3 of 200W, with prices of 800 and 500 euros respectively.

A high-end price

As expected, a completely wireless surround speaker system with the Sony seal was not going to have a cheap price. The product has an official price of 2.700 Euros, to which the price of the subwoofer should be added in case you want to cover the bass aspect.

It is a very elegant and complete solution that fits perfectly in large and minimalist living rooms, making it practically one of the best solutions for those looking for performance without sacrificing the aesthetics of their living room (and needing simple installation).

Source: Sony

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