Tronsmart has the children's headphones you were looking for

Tronsmart headphones for kids

Now that little ones have more and more access to multimedia devices, a good option is to find suitable headphones so they can listen to music or simply watch videos. Well, Tronsmart has announced two new models specially designed for the little ones with which you will not have to worry about their hearing safety.

Tronsmart KH01, cheap children's headphones

Tronsmart headphones for kids

The first model is the Tronsmart KH01, headphones of Headband format with 3,5 millimeter cable which draws special attention for its incredible price of 11,99 euros in promotion. It has a power adjustment that can limit sound to 85 and 93 decibels, while its ergonomic and padded body will fit perfectly on the heads of the little ones.

It is the most economical and easiest option to connect thanks to the cable it includes, so it can be connected to phones (which have a headphone output or adapter), tablets, TVs, MP3s and all types of multimedia devices.

Available on Amazon for 11,99 Euros Thanks to the launch promotion, it will arrive in purple, pink and navy blue.

Tronsmart KH02, wireless option for the little ones

Tronsmart headphones for kids

If you want to avoid any type of cable, the KH02 is the model you are looking for, since they are over-ear headphones with Bluetooth connection especially designed for children. The noise limit button will allow you to choose between volume limits of 74, 85 and 93 decibels, and its integrated battery promises up to 40 hours of autonomy while we have it connected to Bluetooth.

It can also be connected via a 3,5 millimeter cable if the battery runs out, and with a price of 21,99 Euros It is one of the cheapest options you can find.

Also with noise cancellation

Tronsmart headphones for kids

A third model will include the most complete option of all, since the KH03 will be the model with active noise cancellation, that is, headphones for children that include a cancellation system to avoid external noise. Its price will only be 36,99 Euros, although those people who subscribe on the manufacturer's official website will be able to get a 20% launch discount, leaving them at only 28,59 euros.

Aesthetically, it looks very similar to the KH02, although in addition to noise cancellation, it includes a larger capacity battery that can last up to 70 hours of playback (with the volume at the limit of 85 dB). This model with noise cancellation will not go on sale until next July, so we will have to wait until then to see it on the official website or in the Amazon catalog.

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