The graphics tablet you dreamed of is now a reality: Wacom Movink OLED

Wacom Movink

Wacom has launched a new model within its family of graphics tablets that is perfect for designers and graphic artists looking for the best image quality and color fidelity. The key is in the OLED panel it uses, since it makes it the first OLED graphics tablet brand, offering extremely thin thickness and exceptional visual qualities.

The first interactive OLED monitor

Wacom Movink

Graphics tablets are essential tools for graphic artists, but since they became touch screens, their use and implementation has evolved considerably, since they are no longer limited to being used for drawing. Having a screen with pressure sensitivity and high resolution has allowed users to enjoy both a tablet and a second screen, so this type of model has become increasingly popular. But what if the screen was OLED?

That's the idea behind the new Wacom Movink, an incredible 4 millimeter thick screen on its thinnest side that, weighing 420 grams, makes it the lightest and thinnest interactive tablet of the moment. Its 13,3-inch OLED panel has made it possible to achieve these figures, and can also offer Full HD resolution (perhaps the weakest point of its specifications), 10-bit color depth, 100.000:1 contrast and perfect blacks.

Additionally, it offers the 100% of the DCI-P3 color profile and 95% of the Adobe-RGB, which makes it perfect for obtaining highly reliable chromatic results. All protected by Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches and breaks.

Drawing without delay

The advantage of having a OLED panel is that the response time offered is faster than traditional screens, something that, added to the greater detection height of the stylus, allows drawings to be made practically without parallax (the visible delay that occurs when executing the tracing and seeing the trace on the screen).

The drawing experience is also enhanced by the use of the Wacom ProPen 3, a stylus that, when used on this screen, offers the same experience as the Cintiq Pro professional models according to the manufacturer. It has pressure levels and tilt recognition to achieve thicker brush strokes and precision lines.

A tablet to take wherever you want

Wacom Movink

The advantage of having an interactive screen of this weight and thickness is that you can take it wherever you want, especially if we take into account that You only need a USB port to start working. Thanks to this connection, we will be able to carry power and image through the same cable without needing anything else (an HDMI adapter will also be sold separately).

Official price

This new Wacom Movink can be purchased right now through the official Wacom website with an official price of 849,90 Euros, an amount that includes the tablet itself and the Stylus Pro Pen 3 with 3 replacement carbon tips.

Source: Wacom

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