When is Dune: Part 2 released on streaming?

If you were wondering when you were going to be able to enjoy the second part of Dune, from the sofa at home (and without paying extra), here we have the answer. And we already know the arrival date of the film Denis Villeneuve. to the streaming world, to the delight of all fans and those who couldn't or wanted to go to the movies but are curious. Take note.

Available in Max within a week

will be next May 21 when we can finally watch Villeneuve's epic film at home through a streaming platform. As one might imagine, given that its distributor is Warner Bros. Pictures, Dunes: Part 2 It will premiere on Max, which also lands in Spain that day.

As we have already told you on more than one occasion, HBO Max has been renamed Max in some countries and will also do so in our country starting on the 21st, completely renewing itself to offer a new catalog resulting from the union of Warner with Discovery Inc. From this agreement a new proposal is born in which you will find the usual programming plus everything Discovery content and specific sports plans from Eurosports. Since this is a big-time re-release, the platform also wanted to accompany it with some powerful launch and, in that sense, choose one highest grossing movies so far this year in the cinema it is undoubtedly a good decision.

The second part of Dune: delving into the journey of Paul Atreides

The first part of Dune was considered by some to be too weak a delivery in which practically "nothing happened." This is because Villeneuve was quite faithful to the work of Frank Herbert and in the first half of the book this presents an approach to Arrakis, which effectively feels more introductory (of the planet, the Atreides, the Fremen) than anything else.

If what you wanted was action, You will undoubtedly find that in Part 2. In it we see how Paul and his mother delve fully into the culture of the Fremen while continuing the political movements that have put the Harkonnens back in power. It is a dense and long film (it lasts 2 hours and 46 minutes), but it will delight those who have read the novel out of loyalty to its pages as well as those who simply like this incredible and original story - keep in mind which was written in 1965 and that has even been the inspiration for sagas of science fiction as important as Star Wars.

It's also full of famous faces with Timothée Chalamet at the head next to Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Dave Bautista, Christopher Walken and Javier Bardem among others - without the intention of giving you a spoiler but to encourage you to see it, I will tell you that there is even a brief star appearance surprise that will surely catch your attention.

As I said: on May 21 you have a date with your sofa and a good bucket of homemade popcorn. Enjoy it.

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