The Kobo Libra Color is perfect for reading comics and now I can't part with it

Kobo Libra Color

When you think of an e-book reader, Amazon's Kindle may immediately come to mind. Its excellent performance and great prices have made it the e-book reader par excellence, however, one of the brands that was struggling to get noticed in the market has launched a new model that plays with a key feature: color screen.

A color e-ink reader

Kobo Libra Color

The Kobo Libra is an electronic book reader that incorporates a 3-inch E Ink Kaleido 7 display, allowing you to offer images in color with a resolution of 150 pixels per inch. Black and white content is best viewed up to the 300 pixels per inch, but it is a normal change in this type of screens with the technology that exists today. Even so, consuming content in color is a quite pleasant experience.

It is important to note that the image quality offered in color can never be compared to that of an LCD screen. The colors appear slightly washed out, especially the yellow and brown tones, where the images lose strength and vibrancy. But this lack of intensity is quickly forgotten when we use the device for several hours and we remember that the autonomy of the equipment skyrockets. up to 40 days.

Full color comics

Kobo Libra Color

Reading comics on the Libra Color is great. I have been able to download comics and manga from the official Rakuten store, and reading this type of content makes a lot of sense with devices like this. Additionally, I have been able to copy to the internal memory of the device files in .CBZ format, a format that the device has immediately recognized and added to the library instantly.

Pages load as fast as any black and white textbook, and with the right brightness setting, you won't miss more color depth. The technology may have room for improvement, but right now it is perfectly usable and the results are excellent.

In color and with a good price

Kobo Libra Color

But if there is something that has caught my attention about this Kobo Libra Color, it is its price. By 229,99 Euros You can get this model from the official Rakuten store, an amount that seems really attractive to me if we take into account that the Amazon alternatives with the same resolution and size are around 159 and 189 euros, and all of them with a white screen and black, of course.

It must also be taken into account that the brand offers in its catalog the Clara Color, a 6-inch model with the same color screen that lands with a surprising price of 159,99 euros, which makes it almost unbeatable.

The presence of physical buttons to turn pages, water resistance with IP68 certification, compatibility with Stylus for taking notes (sold separately) or the 32GB of internal storage they offer make this Libra Color one of the best e-book readers of the year.

Source: Kobo