Viral board games that you can buy very cheap at Temu

cheap board games

There are many profiles on social networks that are getting many visits and views showing fast and fun board games. This is the case of Games.4Two, a couple from New Jersey that with 1 million subscribers on YouTube and as many on TikTok and Instagram, surprise with fast, simple and tremendously addictive games. But where are they bought?

Viral board games

The impact that these guys' videos have is such that many board games become viral. Hence, many manufacturers send them huge quantities of board games with the idea that they can show them on their feed. There are videos that really leave you wanting to play games, so we have searched for some of these board games to get you excited and buy them.

And the best thing is that most of them are extremely cheap, since they can be bought in Temu at ridiculous prices in many cases.

Table hockey

Cheap board games in Temu

It has appeared in countless videos, and it is as addictive as it sounds. This table hockey game has a central hole in which you must sneak your chips to send them to your opponent. The one who manages to pass all the pills first wins.

It costs only 3,54 Euros

Hang the ring

Cheap board games in Temu

The mix of games of skill and alcohol are always a guaranteed success, and this simple game of hanging the ring has everything to succeed. He is another regular on social networks, where you can see big confrontations on Friday who ends up taking the shot.

Cuesta 5,73 Euros

Save the penguin

Cheap board games in Temu

Some hexagonal blocks hold a small penguin who will see how these blocks disappear little by little with the players' blows with his beak. The first person to make the penguin fall into the abyss loses.

Cuesta 3,10 Euros

magnetic chess

Cheap board games in Temu

Powerful magnetic spheres must maintain distances without touching each other, and your mission is to place as many as you have until you run out of none. Be careful because one wrong move will make you lose the game in an instant.

Account 3,59 Euros

The ring of magnetic stones

Cheap board games in Temu

Another game that has been talked about a lot on the internet is this peculiar game where you must place some magnetic stones inside a ring created at random with a small rope.

Cuesta 6,07 Euros

Are they recommendable?

Taking into account their price, you can imagine that these games could have somewhat dubious finishes, so don't expect too much quality in the products. In the end, they are fast and fun games that attract more attention for their mechanics than for their design, so don't pay too much attention to a product that costs just over 3 euros and enjoy the games.