How to improve your business with ideas from Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

Social networks must provide value and benefit to the user, whether they use them to consume content or to publish on them. If it is a company or business even more so. Therefore, considering that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram would be like the Holy Trinity, why should you also bet on Pinterest or focus on it before. And better yet, How can Pinterest improve your business?

Pinterest and its advantages for businesses

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Pinterest does not have the number of users of other social networks, but that does not mean that it is not an interesting bet for all types of businesses in general. This platform, which we could define as a place to store all those ideas that catch your attention or interest you, offers very striking advantages as it is practically based on the use of images.

If you have ever entered, you will already know what we mean. On Pinterest what you find is a wide collection of images. Some of them are designed to attract attention between so many pins through the use of texts as infographics, while others are just the photos that illustrate various internet publications.

For a quick summary of why spend time on it:

  • A large percentage of young users use it daily to find products they want to buy
  • There is a high percentage of women interested in topics such as decoration, beauty, fashion, home, travel
  • Sales through Pinterest grew more than 40% last year
  • Pinterest can generate more traffic to the seller's website
  • Pinterest is a great visual showcase to publicize your business with a suitable photo

These are some of the advantages that Pinterest brings to all types of businesses, from those that sell physical to digital products. After all, what the social network does is give visibility and redirect traffic to the different profiles that publish content there for commercial purposes.

However, if you are going to bet on Pinterest you must be clear about how much time you are going to invest in it. Because if you are not going to have a constant and well-defined presence, it will not make sense to make an extra effort on another platform.

Ideas to improve your business with Pinterest

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With all this already seen, let's see some ideas of how leverage Pinterest with your business. Surely with a little work you are able to attract new and potential buyers. Because at the end of the day we all go to Pinterest for the same thing: to find something that catches our attention, inspires us, helps us.

Find inspiration for your business

If you have a physical location, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration when decorating it, choosing what the interior will be like or how to place the products you want to sell. Simply use your search engine to enter terms related to your activity. In a matter of a few clicks you will find images that will serve as an example or to improve your product.

what can i sell

If you have to reinvent yourself, take a tour of Pinterest.Search business ideas and entrepreneurship and you will see many things that you could do. Thanks to the public data it offers, it is also a good way to measure whether or not something could be successful, if it is a saturated market, etc.

Pinterest can be an amazing product discoverer And if you have to start over or face new economic activities, I would not hesitate to take a look at said network.

Pinterest and Shopify, increase your income

Due to traffic and number of users, other networks are more important, as well as being the place where any user would normally go to look for customer service, but when it comes to selling online things change. If you also use Shopify, then Pinterest should be required.

Now, with the application of Pinterest for Shopify you can integrate your product catalog quickly and easily. Thanks to that, you will see reduced the time you have to invest in Pinterest uploading new products but not the number of potential customers.

In this way, any user who finds you or your products will be able to make a direct purchase. This, according to Shopify data, would translate into a significant increase in sales. Because only last year, user interaction with products sold through the platform grew by 44%. Interesting for any retailer.

Tips for getting started on Pinterest as a business

With these ideas, how do you get started on Pinterest with your business? If, in addition to getting inspiration, you want to promote what you do and try multiply salesHere's what you need to do to get started:

  1. Be clear that it is the businesses where there is a product that can obtain the most benefit from the network. If you sell services, then you will have to find a way to illustrate them as if they were something physical and give them value.
  2. Create a profile that has an attention-grabbing profile photo.
  3. Organize your boards by topic. If you are a restaurant or cafeteria, create one according to the type of food or drink.
  4. The best photo is the one that should serve to attract the user to see that board.
  5. Organize the most important boards right in the highest position.
  6. Give yourself brand value and make it quickly identified by adding it as a fly in the photos you share, but without going overboard so that the opposite effect is not obtained.
  7. The best images in high quality and vertical format. Because the vast majority use Pinterest from their smartphone.
  8. Check the statistics to identify what works well from what doesn't.
  9. Each pin you add should link to your website or another profile instead of not having a page.

Ready, with these simple steps you will surely take advantage of this network. And remember, there is company profile which offers you a series of much more detailed data that you will be interested in knowing to see how the investment of efforts is going.

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