Enjoy geeky crafts with these ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest is a perfect place to look for inspiration of all kinds, but especially it is a place where makers are able to find really striking ideas because there is practically everything. From creating a projector for your mobile to an arcade or a good setup. Definitely, Pinterest is the cradle of crafts.

The paradise of crafts

Every time we talk about Pinterest we say it, it will not be the social network with the most active users nor the one that generates the most traffic, but it is a very interesting place and one that can be used a lot. What's more, it can even be a source of income if its possibilities are taken advantage of.

But now we are going to focus on everything that it can contribute to makers and creative users who are looking for new projects or ideas, even for those who would not mind getting down to work to improve their work or leisure space.

So, we have put on the diving suit and submerged among its thousands of results to find projects and some other curiosity.

Upgrade your recording studio

If you like everything related to audio and video recording, because you have a YouTube channel, a Podcast or are taking your first steps in the world of music, you will know that doing it in a suitable environment is essential.

Sections like the one in the image are easier to control and solve, but those that concern sound are something else. Eliminating bounces and reverberations is not easy. But without the need to make large investments, these results can be improved.

For example, on Pinterest you have how make your own acoustic diffusers. A frame, foam, some fabric and that's it. Although if you want to go a little further, you can also set up a home recording studio, even a soundproof booth. But for that you are going to need a spacious room. Or use your ingenuity and do something lighter but also effective.

New air for your work and leisure space

Whether it's your place of work or leisure, on Pinterest you also find very simple ideas to improve that space. A simple search like home office setup and you already have a multitude of spaces among which you will surely find inspiration.

Of course, if you like more furniture hacks, such as those from Ikea, you will also see a multitude of links with ideas to give a different touch to furniture that you never thought of that could be useful in your bedroom, home theater room, etc.

Although we admit that one of our favorites is this Work tables folding. Ideal if you need a side table that you can assemble or not at will.

custom lighting

Lighting is another key aspect of the home and although you may already have ideas, surely there is always something you can discover. For example, to illuminate areas of the house or furniture that you did not know how to do before.

You can also create one lamp with an industrial design for your desk, or lights to record videos at home without having to spend a lot of money on a more professional light. Sometimes this type of DIY projector creatively solves the lack of financial means.

How to create a projector for the phone

The little ones in the house will surely like this, how to create a projector for the mobile phone. A simple cardboard box and a magnifying glass are enough, although you can go further and use a wooden box and a camera lens to improve image quality.

One way or another, with these types of mobile projectors You can get to have a 60-inch screen with which, in their room and with the help of a bluetooth speaker, they will surely enjoy those movies they like while you can do it with yours in the living room.

Passive speaker and amplifier

Passive Smartphone Amplifier

As with the projector, if you want to improve the listening experience of your smartphone and you don't have a speaker at hand, make your own passive amplifier. There are many ways to do this, from using a simple glass to creating something more sophisticated.

Here you are the one who chooses, but while you wear it, do something like what you can find on Pinterest. Not only will it help you to listen to your music or podcasts at a higher volume, it can also serve as a decorative piece. You can even work on it a little more and use it as a charging base.

Arcade machine

If a DIY project par excellence for the most geeks is that of the arcade machine. Some plans, some wood, patience and next to a Raspberry Pi you can create your own Arcade.

Although be careful, if you have a Switch and want to use it as if it were an arcade game, look at these machines that some users have created. With that perfect hole to insert one of the Joy Con.

Pinterest may be your new favorite search engine

As you can see, Pinterest is a place where you know when you're going in but maybe not when you're going out. The amount of links, ideas and inspiration that you can find is amazing.

Therefore, take a look and start looking for those topics that interest you the most. The more related terms you use, the more interesting they may become. results and recommendations. But what has been said, if it becomes a black hole for your productivity, do not say that we did not warn you.

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