Best Xbox controllers that work with an official license

Xbox compatible controllers with official license

If you are going to buy an Xbox controller or are going to give one to a family member or friend, you should keep in mind that if you come across an offer with a ridiculously low price it could hide a danger that you should be aware of, since it is very possible This controller does not work with any Xbox console. You want to know What controllers can you buy and which ones are recommended??

How to know if a controller is compatible with Xbox

Halo 20 Controller

The first thing you should know is what is happening with certain controls or gamepads that until now were Xbox compatible. It's all due to error 0x82d60002, a code that appears on the console when we connect an unauthorized accessory to an Xbox console. But why does this error appear now if the controller worked perfectly until today? The blame lies with an update that Microsoft released for its consoles, which prohibited the use of third-party controllers without an official license.

This measure seeks to reduce the number of manufacturers that create controllers for Microsoft consoles, so that only those that Microsoft considers to be quality controllers and that offer a minimum guarantee to function work.

Controllers Designed for Xbox

This decision is not random. Control manufacturers must pass a certification with which, once completed, they receive the famous seal “Designed for Xbox”, with which they will stop causing problems and will work perfectly in any case.

Which Xbox controller to buy

The only thing you should pay attention to is that the remote include the Designed for Xbox seal in your official box. With this seal, compatibility is guaranteed, and you will not have any type of problem when playing on the console with this new controller.

Knowing that, it will be much easier for you to find the right controller for your console, since then you will only have to focus on aspects such as the exterior design or the number of buttons.

The best, most complete and highest quality option is to always choose to buy an official Xbox Series controller, since these controllers have a very high manufacturing quality, work wirelessly and have both radio frequency connectivity and Bluetooth, so that you can use it with mobile devices and with the PC.

Of course, these official controls are much more expensive than normal, so if you are looking for another cheaper solution that allows you to save a few euros, these other options are also valid.

PowerA wired controller for Xbox Series X|S

PowerA is a fairly reputable manufacturer that has been creating accessories for all consoles for many years. As expected, it has the official Xbox seal, so its products are perfectly compatible with the console. This model in question is a wired version that has an identical design to the official Xbox controller and has two additional buttons at the bottom to enjoy shortcuts in games.

GameSir G7 SE

A fairly complete controller that has Hal Effect sticks and triggers with which to avoid dead zones over time. It is a fairly quality wired controller, also compatible with Windows, and has a 3,5 millimeter jack to connect headphones.

Razer Wolverine V2

An accessory specially designed for demanding players. Its reshaped grips with rubber finishes prevent slipping in sweaty hands, it includes 2 programmable multifunction buttons, and a machined crosshead and tactile action buttons for the best performance.

Can I reuse an old remote that worked before?

If you connect the controller directly to the console you will immediately receive the 0x82d60002 error, but there is a way to continue using it, although it is neither practical nor cheap. As reported on the Xbox technical support page, any type of peripheral can be used with the console as long as a bridge is used. Xbox Adaptive Controller. That is, if we buy the Microsoft accessibility controller (which costs 160 euros), we can always connect the controller to the USB port of the controller so that the console recognizes it and does not show the error.

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