Amazon Luna: price and games of the streaming service

Amazon Moon

A new participant has entered the board of this peculiar race that is taking place to see who leads the streaming video game segment. And it is one that accumulates countless reviews that place it as one of the favorites, since we are talking about Amazon. Yeah, this is their new service called Luna and this is all you need to know about him.

What is Amazon Moon?

Luna is the name given to the Amazon streaming game service and for which you only need an internet connection and an official driver to instantly start enjoying a long list of titles that make up the official catalog, and that can be used on practically any device that has a screen.

As is the case with Google and its Stadia, we will have several possibilities to connect to its servers and that provide us with access to any title offered in its catalog. Here You will not have to wait to download games with tens of gigabytes, nor update files suddenly because all the magic occurs remotely, within the equipment enabled by those of Jeff Bezos to make this Luna a reality.

Can I play now?

Amazon Luna arrived in Spain on November 15, 2023 after several months in the United States and other countries, like other similar services. They started with a trial period that offered a reduced price and limited its availability, so the rest of the world had to wait.

In Spain it is already available, and as is usually the case with the rest of Amazon subscriptions, the service is included in the Amazon Prime fee, although with certain details to take into account. The arrival of Luna, as you can imagine, can disrupt the plans of companies like Microsoft and NVIDIA, which until now were sharing the cake of cloud gaming, so we will see if in the coming months exclusivity agreements and first party launches they encourage the market even more.

channels? And how much do they cost?

Luna is offered with several types of subscriptions (or channels) that cover different genres and interests depending on what each player wants. if we want the pack complete with all types already integrated, then we must opt ​​for the Luna+ for 9,99 euros per month, while there are other variants such as Jackbox Games with fun games designed to be played in a group, or access to the Ubisoft catalog with Ubisoft+, whose price is 17,99 euros per month (if you already have games in your Ubisoft account, you can link it and play with them from Luna with a Prime or Luna+ account).

Amazon Luna channels

In addition, we have the option to stay with a free plan which is associated with the Amazon Prime subscription and from which we will have access to a large number of games, although as we will see later, the most interesting will be exclusive to Luna+.

What games will I be able to enjoy?

The giant has not gone into details of which games will make up the catalog when it stabilizes and begins its expansion in other countries but, nevertheless, It's already well over a hundred, with names as recognizable as the ones you have just above and that you will have insured if you subscribe to the complete plan, the so-called Luna+.

Amazon Moon

to him belong Rime, Metro Exodus, Two Point Hospital, Grid, Control, Sonic Mania, Tennis World Tour 2, Blasphemous and all those that we have already mentioned above that all belong to Ubisoft. Amazon's intention is for this catalog to grow month by month with new additions.

The games that can be played with an Amazon Prime account are only the following:

  • Ride 4
  • Get Packed Couch Chaos
  • Fortnite
  • Encodya
  • Trackmania
  • Qube
  • Tiny Lands

What resolution does it offer?

Games on Luna will be able to be viewed at a resolution 1080p as long as you have a Luna+ account, but there will be certain titles to which yes they will make the leap to 4K and 60 frames per second. These titles will be specific and quite special, so they will be announced with great fanfare as part of the service offer when the time comes to release them.

In any case, if your television does not reach that Full HD either, do not worry because the system works without problems in HD, that is, at 720p.

Amazon moon.

Can I play on more than one device? Can the account be shared?

The subscription to Luna+ will allow you to play on more than one device at the same time, so two family members they will be able to have a good time on different devices with the same account. The Ubisoft+ channel, on the other hand, will only leave a single user per session and will be exclusive to the holder of the ID used to access the service. At this point, the French subscription is much more restrictive and works in the same way that it already does in Stadia, for example.

What internet connection is needed to play?

One of the most frequently asked questions in this type of service is the Internet speed needed to play with good image and sound quality and, above all, with low latency so that the gamepad responds perfectly to our commands.

Well, according to Amazon, to enjoy decently you will need a 10 Mbps connection, although it would be advisable to have 35. Of course, at a resolution of 1080p you can consume an average of 10 GB per hour, so calculate your data if you are going to use a mobile connection when you go down the street. It goes without saying that with an infinite rate, those amounts will stop worrying you.

Where can Amazon Luna be played from?

Bundles of Moon.

The service can be run from a large number of platforms, being available in the form of Official app for PC, Mac, FireTV devices or through a Chrome or Safari browser (including iPhone and iPad in the future). As you can see just above, Amazon distributes bundles where we can buy the gamepad along with devices that are compatible with that streaming game. Which gives an idea of ​​the number of places where we can continue a game.

Do I have to buy a controller to play?

Amazon Moon

Like Stadia, Amazon Luna will have an official controller that we can buy in the official store, but it will also be possible to play with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller, as well as a keyboard and mouse and other compatible devices that North Americans will go adding on their official support page. Like for example the Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller.

Ultimately. moon too allows us to use the mobile screen as an associated command to a Luna installation that we have active on a Smart TV, etc.

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