Bitmap Books: Video game books for collectors

Bitmap Books

Whether you're a fan of collecting or you've been flooded with childhood memories, collecting retro pieces can be therapeutic for many fans. But taking into account the high prices that games and cartridges from several generations ago are reaching, a good solution may be to buy books that compile much of the history that many were able to play. And in Bitmap Books They are specialists in that.

An incredible collection

This British publisher was born in 2014 with a single mission: to capture its founder's love for video games in some books with the highest possible quality. The result is a spectacular collection that brings together hardware details, game collections, interviews with creators and many details of aspects that laid the foundations for today's video games.

Most of their publications are not official, although over time, they have achieved the recognition they deserve and already have publications with official licenses such as those of SEGA, SNK or Atari, something that has allowed them to achieve much more complete results and with very exclusive content.

High quality in paper format

Those demanding who seek excellence in products will find in Bitmap Books' books the best possible work at the level of editing, printing and publishing. Each book is a jewel of the highest level, which has spectacular printing quality and a quality on the paper that is noticeable simply by turning the pages.

Binding with thread (instead of glue), use of metallic inks, incorporation of bookmark ribbons, varnished dust jackets... there are many details that make this publishing house a true gold mine for lovers of retro information.

The best books from Bitmap Books

The publisher's catalog is quite extensive, but we are going to leave you with several models that we have been able to read and see up close so that you can get to know them a little better.

The Art of Point-and-Click

Bitmap Books

One of our favorites. The genre of graphic adventures marked the childhood of many, and this book captures very well the beginnings of those first adventures in which everything was text or the beginnings of King Quest, reaching the more modern ones that give the book its name, where the mouse took on special prominence among so many puzzles.

Super Famicon The Box Art Collection

Bitmap Books

Many know that the covers of the Japanese editions of Super Nintendo (Super Famicon in Japan) had nothing to do with what came to the West. This book collects an immense number of covers that gave life to many cartridges of the time, with incredible illustrations and design work.

The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book

Bitmap Books

This spectacular volume brings together one of the greatest wonders of SNES games, and it is none other than the designs of many of its sprites that gave life to the games. With almost impossible animations, these fragments of graphics managed to animate characters in the most original way possible. A miniature art that you can now observe in detail.

Metal Slug: The Ultimate History

Bitmap Books

One of the most beloved sagas in arcades. Origins, inspiration and many history of the development of one of the most frenetic and at the same time fun arcades that have been played on all types of platforms.

The CRPG Book: A guide to computer role-playing games

Bitmap Books

If you love role-playing games, this is your bible. An incredible review of an entire genre with thousands of details, hundreds and hundreds of games with references and screenshots in a total of 684 pages that will cover legends from 1975 to 2019.

The Unofficial N64: a visual compendium

The Unofficial N64: a visual compendium

A complete Nintendo 64 bible where you can learn the details of more than 150 games on the platform. And Nintendo's first three-dimensional console went a long way. A very special book for the biggest Nintendo 64 fans.

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