Airbnb rentals will not be able to have cameras and will have to notify if there are speakers with Alexa

It may be difficult for you to understand that someone could be watching a rental tenant, but worse things have been seen in the Airbnb rentals. For this reason, the company is proposing rules that prevent the existence of interior cameras in the apartments and houses published in the service, with the idea of ​​guaranteeing the privacy of the tenants.

A rental without feeling watched

Surveillance Camera

Although there are domestic security systems that can be deactivated without problem to guarantee the privacy of people staying in a rental home, it seems that there are owners who have forced the situation and have preferred to maintain surveillance to see what is happening in their home. living place. This is obviously not a dish of good taste for anyone, and discovering that there is someone on the other side of a camera reviewing your every step is something quite unpleasant to experience.

So with the idea of ​​not tarnishing the reputation of the service and taking care of user satisfaction, Airbnb will begin to ban all hosts who have security cameras installed in order to avoid the possibility of remote surveillance. The company has updated its privacy policy regarding security cameras and recording devices, and these are the prohibited and limited elements according to the new rules:

Security cameras and recording devices

All those security cameras installed inside that record or transmit video will be prohibited in the rental, to the point that it will not be possible to have a baby monitor or a doorbell with a camera. Nor will it obviously be possible to install hidden security cameras, something that has been prohibited for a long time.

It is important to emphasize that it will be useless to be disconnected, since the rules say that These types of cameras should not exist indoors.

Hen/Stag outdoor cameras must be indicated by the hosts, indicating their location and recording area.

Smart home devices like Alexa speakers

Echo Show surveillance

Smart home devices with integrated cameras should be removed or informed of their presence, as is the case with an Echo Show or a Google Nest. If you have a speaker or device of this type, you must indicate it.

Decibel Monitors

As they are devices that do not capture any type of sound, or there is a problem with having them, however, they must be installed in common areas and their existence must be communicated, not being necessary to reveal their location.

When do the new rules come into force?

Surveillance camera with light sources

The new privacy policies will become active on on April 30, 2024, so from then on all hosts must remove indoor security cameras and report the existence of Echo speakers, Nest speakers or decibel measurement devices.

It must be remembered that, although the Echo speakers can function as a surveillance camera Remotely, the device will always warn of the activation of the camera with an audible message, in addition to the tenant themselves being able to hide the camera with the tab included in the device.

Source: airbnb

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