What you need to know about Dyson's new wet hair straighteners

Dyson has a new addition to its catalog for the Spanish market, one of those that will not leave anyone indifferent (with great hair, of course). And the firm has expanded its family of beauty equipment with a new product that, as always, relies on in-house technologies to mark the distinction. It is about the Airstrait wet hair straighteners.

Dyson Airstrait, wet to dry straightening

It has always been said that we never iron our hair if it is wet. It could damage it severely, so it has always been recommended to dry it first and then proceed with the use of the device that will smooth it by applying a high temperature between two plates.

For some time now, however, some brands have taken it upon themselves to challenge this norm, launching straighteners that claim to straighten wet hair while applying different types of techniques. Dyson It has been the last to do so.

The firm already has in circulation the Airstrait, straighteners that use air to straighten the hair, without the use of hot plates and without damaging (according to the brand) the hair. To do this, the device uses a high pressure hot air flow that projects evenly on the strand. At all times this action is managed by an intelligently controlled plate that regulates the temperature up to 16 times per second to try protect hair at all times.

Some Dyson Airstrait irons straightening a lock of hair

As in other equipment in the house, here again we find a motor developed by Dyson, with 13 propulsion blades, in this case, that rotate at 106.000 revolutions per minute to generate up to 3,6 kPa of air pressure, enough to straighten hair while it dries.

And can it be used dry? You may be wondering. Well too. The irons also allow their application without having wet hair, by simply selecting the Dry mode and choosing the temperature you prefer to apply to your straightening.

Price and Availability

The Dyson Airstrait officially went on sale in Spain just a few days ago, on February 19, and although its stock is currently sold out in the official store, you can find them in other distributors official ones such as Sephora.

It costs 499 Euros and can be purchased in two color combinations: blue and copper and nickel and copper.

What is the difference between the Airstrait and the Corrale?

These are not Dyson's first irons, far from it. The firm has long had the Corralle, some plates with flexible plates and three heat levels (165, 185 and 210 degrees) that have the peculiarity of not having a cable.

These also promise protect more hair compared to other models on the market, thanks to the flexibility of its aforementioned plates and the intelligent heat management, but they cannot be used when wet. Its price, slightly cheaper, is 449 euros.

La Airstrait, On the other hand, it is considered by Dyson to be a "dryer iron" and, as we say, does not use plates, but air for smoothing, also allowing its use when wet.

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