The robot vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs can be purchased next week

Robot vacuum cleaner stairs

One of the biggest limitations of robot vacuum cleaners is that in two-story homes it requires human attention to transport it from one floor to another. Stairs are the worst enemy of these devices, and although they have sensors to avoid them, in the end, dust accumulates in that area that is not passable by the robot. Until now.

The robot vacuum cleaner that climbs stairs

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Stairs, Migo Robotics Ascender

Migo Robotics is the manufacturer that has given life to this very peculiar model. This is the Ascender, a robot vacuum cleaner that could pass for a traditional one but that hides two mobile arms on its sides that rotate and allow the creation of a lifting platform with which be able to go up and down stairs.

The system is quite peculiar, and apparently it is effective, although we must bear in mind that the steps must have a minimum depth, since otherwise the system will not climb correctly as it does not have support (the robot measures 28 centimeters deep).

With this detail controlled, the Ascender is responsible for detecting the step, extending its arms and climbing step by step, at the same time that it vacuums the surface with its rotating suction base, which will change the direction of vacuuming 90 degrees to be able to vacuum while standing. moves laterally.

The Ascender is capable of climb steps up to 22 centimeters high, and has both a vacuum system and a wet mop cleaning system. Its charging station is also an emptying station, allowing you to empty the suction tank and the scrubbing tank, and then refill it with clean water.

How much does it cost?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Stairs, Migo Robotics Ascender

At the moment Migo Robotics has not gone into details about the final price of the product, since its launch will begin with a Kickstarter campaign that will begin on March 21. All those interested who leave their email will receive a notice with the start of the campaign and will enjoy a 40% discount on the price of the product, although we imagine that it will be limited to a number of units until they are sold out, as usually happens in all these crowdfunding launches.

Source: Migo-Robotics

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