Headphones with automatic translation: the best models

Headphones instant translation

Many people do not dare to travel due to the language barriers that occur when traveling to countries with different languages. Not being able to interact with strangers because you don't know the language can be especially frustrating, but thanks to technology, now anyone can establish a conversation regardless of the language. Thanks to headphones with automatic translation.

How headphones with automatic translation work

Headphones instant translation

Basically, these types of headphones have technology that, together with software for phones, allows you to perform instant translations. Simply put on one of these headphones to listen to the translations that are sent from the phone to which it is connected. You can also, if the model allows it, share the other headset with the other person to be able to establish a conversation that translates in both directions. (two-way translation).

The idea is to simplify the translation operation so that it is done in the most natural way possible, without the need to manually translate each sentence that is said in one language or another, since all this work will be done in a few seconds from the software that accompanies the product.

Normally the user would use the phone as a microphone (as a reporter's microphone) over the person speaking in the other language, and the application would be responsible for sending the automatic translation to the headphones via Bluetooth. Although it is also possible to use the microphones integrated into the headphones so that the phone receives the information and performs the translation.

Features to consider

Headphones instant translation

Available languages

Obviously something that you should take into account is the number of languages ​​that the device offers. Not all models offer the same number of languages, and some models even include different accents. It is also important to know if all languages ​​can be translated into each other or if, on the contrary, there are only some that serve as the main language.

Translation modes

Depending on the software, the headphones may offer different translation modes, such as listening mode, two-way translation modes, and more.

Offline mode

Translations require an internet connection so that the translation can be carried out in real time from the phone. The problem with this is that if you are in a place without an internet connection you would not be able to translate conversations. To solve this, many manufacturers offer offline modes that, with the help of language packs downloaded and installed on the mobile phone, you can enjoy a translation without the need for an internet connection.

Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling headphones will allow you to also use them as headphones to listen to music and watch multimedia content without outside distractions.

interchangeable ear pads

Whether for hygiene or to have greater versatility, those headphones that offer interchangeable pads will allow you to replace the heads to enjoy another size or simply clean the headset.

Call translation

There are models capable of translating calls in real time, so you could carry out telephone conversations in another language without knowing anything about it.

Payment apps

Something you should pay close attention to is that there are headphones that promise translation functions, but in reality they are simple Bluetooth headphones that use external applications that are paid, so in addition to paying for the headphones (which are simple Bluetooth models) you will have to do it for a service you did not expect.

Best headphones with automatic translation

These are the best headphones with automatic translation that you can currently buy on the market:

Timekettle M3

One of the most successful headphones. It has magnificent sound and construction quality, and its operation is one of the most outstanding on the market thanks to its reliability and the different modes it offers. Compatible with 40 languages ​​and 93 dialects, it is one of the most complete automatic translation headsets you can buy.

Google Pixel Buds

Thanks to the integration with the Google Assistant, the Pixel Buds are capable of activating translation mode by telling the assistant “Help me speak in English.” This command will launch Google Translate in voice mode.

With discount Google Pixel Buds...


Headphones with an extremely attractive price that hides a handicap that not all users are aware of. And in order to translate you need an application called Wooask that costs about 25 euros per month, and that will force you to pay after a 30-second translation test.

Your Bluetooth headphones

An inexpensive way to enjoy a translation system through headphones is to use Google Translate. Simply by using Bluetooth headphones and the service you will be able to translate what they tell you, although you will need a lot of coordination to indicate when they should speak and when to listen, since you will have to continually press the buttons for each language. It is not a solution designed as such like any of the previous headphones, but it is a way to at least get you out of trouble.