Travel accessories that you should always carry with you

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There is only one feeling worse than forgetting your passport at home, and that is none other than forget mobile phone charger. With the idea of ​​​​preventing you from going through that bad situation and other collateral damage that usually occurs when traveling, we are going to leave you with a list of very useful and practical accessories that you will always want to take with you on all the trips you take.

What to bring on a plane trip

Xbox travel suitcase

The answers you have prepared for that question may be limited to the basic and essential, such as clothes, toiletries and passport, however, the digital dependency to which most users are subjected leads us to prepare a list of essentials with which to continue being functional and not end up with anxiety before taking off.

Some of the essential travel accessories that we recommend are the following:

Portable suitcase weight

You know perfectly well that that visit to the outlet on the outskirts of the city is going to have an impact on the total weight of your luggage. For that reason, a portable weight will never come to your attention, since you will be able to control the total weight of the suitcase at all times and avoid excess baggage costs.

Bluetooth adapter for airplane

If your personal headphones are True Wireless models such as AirPods or Sony WF-1000XMV, you will not be able to connect them to the plane's audio system to listen to the multimedia content they offer. However, there is a very practical solution which is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the airplane's headphone port and allows you to link your small headphones to the system.

This way you can continue using your personal wireless headphones without having to switch to wired or poorer quality headphones.

Portable battery

A basic that has become an essential accessory for every self-respecting travel suitcase. A portable battery with which you can give life to your phone and, depending on the model you choose, you can even charge your laptop (if it has a USB-C charging port).

This model is especially interesting because with 20.000 mAh it offers a USB-C port with which to deploy 100W of charging power, ideal for laptops and devices that support super fast charging.

cable organizer

A suitcase within a suitcase is the last thing you would expect to find, but believe me, this accessory is extremely useful. Thanks to this organizer you will be able to have all the cables, chargers and technological accessories located so that you have everything under control at a glance.

Apple Air Tag

Have you ever lost your luggage? Returning to the idea of ​​visualizing bad feelings, another one that is also an ordeal is discovering that your suitcase has been lost. At least now, if you attach an AirTag inside you will hopefully be able to receive the location of your luggage and know at all times what other route it decided to take without your company.