Differences between MacBook Air M3 and MacBook Air M2

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2

The most recommended Apple laptop for all types of users has improved its features with the launch of a new model based on the M3 processor. Below we leave you with the differences that exist between the new model and the previous version that is still available in the Apple store. What model to buy?

Notable differences

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2

You just have to take a look at the list of specifications to find the most obvious hardware differences that exist between both devices. And the incorporation of the new M3 processor serves to include certain technical improvements that the M2 could not offer. These are the clearest differences that exist between both teams:

  • Processor: Obviously the first change is in the processor that gives name to several computers. The new M3 chip Apple has the same number of cores in CPU and GPU as the M2 chip, however, the main difference lies in the manufacturing process, since the M3 is a 3 nanometer processor with 5.000 billion more transistors than the previous generation. This translates into a 10% faster GPU and a 15% faster neural engine.
  • Ray tracing: M3 GPU now offers ray tracing, which means superior performance in next-generation games.
  • AV1 decoding engine: Compatibility with the AV1 high resolution encoding codec, used on platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video.
  • Microphone isolation modes: A voice isolation system has been included with background sound for clearer calls and video conferences.
  • WiFi 6E: Small jump in wireless connectivity level including the standard WiFi 6E, capable of improving multipoint connections and obtaining greater bandwidth.

Dual external monitor to connect two screens

Macbook Air M3 vs Macbook Air M2

One of the novelties that many users may not have paid too much attention to is that this new MacBook Air M3 is now capable of managing two external screens via USB-C. The peculiarity is that to keep the two screens with an image you have to close the laptop screen, since this could not be kept as a third screen.

If you need two monitors working, you would have no choice but to opt for the MacBook Air M3 instead of the previous model with M2, since it only supports one external monitor.

Is the model with the M3 chip worth it?

Taking a look at the technical characteristics, we are facing one of the softest updates that a MacBook has received in recent years, so the change from M2 to M3 chip is not particularly interesting for many users.

The interesting thing is that the price difference between the basic versions of both models is only 120 euros, and in that case it seems smarter to opt for the latest generation with M3 in order to obtain a system that lasts a little longer over time. issue of system updates.