Differences between Ray-Ban Meta and Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Meta

Ray-Ban's glasses with integrated camera in collaboration with Facebook are becoming a desired device for any lover of social networks. The glasses went on sale last October 2023, but you must keep in mind that it is not a really new product, but rather a second generation. So what are the differences between the two versions?

Ray-Ban glasses and Facebook

Ray-Ban Meta

With an impeccable design that looks perfectly like traditional glasses (despite having thicker temples), Ray-Ban glasses look great on anyone. Once put on, a sound alerts you that the system has started and is ready to take photos and record videos.

We can issue a voice command or simply press a button on one of the pins to take a photo or record a video. Its integrated speakers and microphones turn the glasses into a portable hands-free speaker, since we can also listen to music, podcasts and take calls while we wear them.

It is a very fun device with which to upload content to social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook, where these services recognize the device and allow you to broadcast live with astonishing ease.

A second generation with many changes

Ray-Ban Meta

The launch of the new Ray-Ban Meta served, in addition to improving the quality of the sensor, to include a large list of new additions that allow us to give life to a better product. The differences in image quality are obvious, but there are also a series of changes at a technical level that allow the new model to take a generational leap.

Differences between Ray-Ban Meta and Ray-Ban Stories

The differences between the two models of smart glasses are these:


While the first generation included a 5 megapixel sensor that took square photos of 2.592 x 1944 pixels, the new Meta sensor goes up to 12 megapixels with 3.024 x 4.032 pixels of resolution.

As for the video, it has gone from recording from 720p to 1080p, and the image quality is very noticeable, offering much sharper and better dynamic range.

Live broadcast

Only the new Ray-Ban Meta are capable of broadcasting live via Facebook or Instagram.


The first generation has a pair of speakers and 3 microphones with stereo recording. The new Ray-Ban Meta redesigns the speakers, improving the bass, and includes a total of 5 microphones with which to eliminate noise, capture the voice clearly in calls and achieve a much more immersive sound recording in videos.

Artificial intelligence

The new Meta have included Meta AI artificial intelligence, although it is currently being tested and will require an update to activate all its functions.

Weight :

Another of the big changes is that the glasses go from weighing 195 grams to 133 grams of the current model.

Memoria interna

4 GB compared to 32 GB of the last model. This allows you to go from 50 videos to 100 videos in Full HD, maintaining practically the same number of photos (more than 500). Of course, the bursts have dropped from 4 photos to 3 photos in 12 megapixels.


WiFi 802.11ac has been upgraded to WiFi6, and Bluetooth 5.0 has been upgraded to Bluetooth 5.2. In general, it is much faster in communications.


Previously the battery in the case promised about 24 hours of use in total, however, it now amounts to 36 hours of use, and the glasses can be charged 50% with just 20 minutes of charging.

Where do you buy Ray-Ban Stories?

This model was discontinued at the time the new Ray-Ban Meta went on sale, so you should not find them at any authorized distributor. If you find them, keep in mind that the price should be promotional with a significant discount, or failing that, it should be a second-hand unit.

Where to buy Ray-Ban Meta

Ray-Ban Meta

The latest Ray-Ban smart glasses are available on a website with a price of 329 euros for the most basic model, being able to choose between 2 different frames, various frame colors and various glass finishes.