Smart rings: all the models you can buy

Smart Rings Smart Ring

A new wearable is beginning to gain popularity among the market, and it is all thanks to the arrival of Samsung on the scene. We are talking about smart rings, or Smart Rings, extremely compact devices that seek to offer health monitoring in a very small format that goes completely unnoticed. Is this the wearable you were looking for?

All models of smart rings

The market has been receiving this type of products for a couple of years, but in recent months there has been an important change due to manufacturers that are beginning to be present with their proposals. And until now the companies that had appeared were simply companies that had launched themselves into the technological jungle with a single product, this being precisely a smart ring.

Next, we are going to see many of the models that can be purchased today in stores and online, so that you can have a perspective of what is available, what is yet to come, and the prices that are available. We already warned you that they are slightly high.

Oura Smart Ring 3

It is basically one of the pioneers of the format, since with its smart ring they immediately attracted attention in a market where the format had not yet been introduced. Much of its success came from the wave of celebrities who promoted the item, although the main handicap for the user is the monthly subscription required to consult the data obtained, something out of place in the world of current wearables.

Like many models, it is made of titanium, it has sensors for heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep monitoring or stress level. It is available in two different designs and has eight different sizes ranging from 6 to 13. The interesting thing is that when purchasing the product you can request a free sizing kit before receiving the product.

Price: From 329 euros (subscription 5,99 euros per month)

Ultrahuman Ring AIR

A model easy to find in stores from another manufacturer that was born precisely with the launch of the ring. Made of titanium, it weighs only 2,4 grams, and has the typical sensors for heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, gyroscope and the function of monitoring the circadian cycle.

It is available in four different colors and comes with the possibility of choosing between 10 different sizes from 5 to 14. They also offer a completely free sizing kit before shipping the product.

Price: 325 euros.

RingConn Smart Ring

Another subscription-free model that promises 7 days of battery life. Made of titanium, it has a heart rate sensor, sleep analysis, stress control, and is also waterproof with IP68 certification.

Its design, without being completely round, is quite original, and it has three versions in silver, gold and black, all with matte finishes. It is one of the cheapest titanium smart rings you can find.

Price: 279 dollars.

Circular Slim

A ring with a thickness that is one of the smallest on the market at only 2,2 millimeters. Despite its name, it is not completely circular in the internal area, which also helps to improve contact with the finger and strengthen the grip. It measures details such as heart rate, breathing during sleep, temperature, blood oxygen levels, stress and much more. It is available in sizes 6 to 13.

Price: 264 euros.

Amazfit Helium Ring

Amazfit Helium Ring

A manufacturer as specialized in wearables as Amazfit could not miss the ring event, and with the Helio Ring it presents its proposal. At the moment it is not for sale, but its titanium design reveals some quite interesting finishes and technology.

It has sensors of all kinds, so there will be no detail that you miss. What does escape us is its price, since for now it remains unknown until its launch occurs sometime in 2024.

Price: A stranger

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung is the manufacturer that is going to revolutionize the smart ring market, since its Galaxy Ring is a very serious and forceful proposal. Basically because the Samsung ecosystem needs no introduction, so the arrival of a ring like the Galaxy Ring is a bet that many will not want to miss.

Made of titanium and weighing 3 grams, it has a very careful and shiny design that makes it very similar to a real jewel. It will hit stores in summer along with the launch of new terminals, but its price for now remains a secret, so we will have to wait. It will arrive in 9 different sizes and will be available in three different colors.

Price: A stranger